PhotoScissors Tutorials

Easy way to remove background from your photos with PhotoScissors

Make photo at any background

1.Load the image

draw some foreground and background

2.Draw some foreground and background and algorithm takes care of details.

background removed

3.Say goodbye to the background and save

Common mistakes and Background removal tips:

Don't Highlight
Don't Highlight

You do NOT have to carefully select the areas, just make sure that the red (remove) marker touches any colors that you want to become transparent and the green (keep) marker touches any colors that you want to keep.

Stay Within The Lines
Stay Within The Lines

Make sure you stay within the lines of the object you want to cut out. If you mark an area outside of the foreground with a green marker, a part of the background can be cut out as well. Similarly, don't mark red on the foreground.

PNG icon
Only PNG retain transparency

Images with transparent background must be saved as PNG file. Only PNG file format supports transparency.

Background Removal Tutorials:

You can easily remove background from photo using PhotoScissors program.

How to Remove Background from Photo [+Video]

This article describes a procedure to remove background from photos. Using the technique and PhotoScissors, you can remove noisy elements, random objects or just bad background from the picture.

Cutting people or objects from one image and placing them in another with PhotoScissors

How to Replace Photo Background [+Video]

Whenever you need to replace a photo background, PhotoScissors is a tool you are looking for. With few mouse strokes you'll replace an ugly backstage with a more pleasant view.

Pro-level Image Background Removal

How to Remove Complex Background in a Pro-level

Is there a way to get rid of more complex backgrounds in a simple and effortless way? Yes, answers PhotoScissors. Read this tutorial and learn how to process images with compound or multi-colored backgrounds.

How to Remove Background Around Hair

How to Delete Background Around Hair [+Video]

This tutorial explains why PhotoScissors is the best option to remove background around hair on a portrait. The transparent marker does the trick and saves you hours of scrupulous editing.

Precision Manual Removal of Photo Background using PhotoScissors

How to Manually Edit Mask [+Video]

Sometimes automatic algorithms produce non-perfect results. Here is how you can precisely finalize the photo using the manual mask editing in PhotoScissors.

Instant Artistic Effects with PhotoScissors

How to Add Effects

This tutorial shows how you can cut out an object from the photo, replace the background on it or apply various effects to the object or to the background to make the photo look better.

How to Remove Background from Transparent Objects

How to Remove Background from Transparent Objects [+Video]

Read this if you tried to delete background on a photo with semi-transparent objects on it (glass, hair, fog) and failed. PhotoScissors has a very simple solution for you.

How to Displace an Object on the Photo

How to Move an Object on the Photo

Learn how you can move an object on the photo without any traces and leftovers from it in the background at the old location. I fact, the entire procedure takes just 4 steps and a couple of minutes...

Crop the image after background removal

How to Crop the Image after Removing Its Background

Learn how to remove unnecessary empty space after the background has gone. With PhotoScissors this operation takes as little as two mouse clicks!

Prepare product for ebay, etsy or amazon shop

How to Prepare a Product Photo for eBay, Amazon or Etsy shop [+Video]

Learn how to create a perfect eBay product listing by removing background from the photo of your goods. Thanks to PhotoScissors the ready-to-upload result can be obtained in few minutes!

add shadow to image

How to Add Shadow to Photo

Clear background and transparent shadows can make pictures of your goods much more attractive. If you sell on eBay or any other e-store, don't miss this PhotoScissors tutorial.

Prepare photo for sites and forms

How to Easily Prepare Your Photo for Job Sites, Dating Sites and Other Online Forms

Read this article to learn how to make your usual photo look much better with a simple scissor-like operation. A few mouse gestures produce nice portrait ready to upload on any job website.

Create Fantastic Photo Collage

How to Create Fantastic Photo Collage [+Video]

Creating collages with PhotoScissors? Sure. Read this tutorial to learn how to create fantastic photo collages in three minutes. Even if you are doing this for the first time!

Increase Depth on Photos

How to Increase Depth on Photos Post Factum [+Video]

Read this tutorial to learn how to increase depth on photo post factum without Photoshop

Add Selective Coloring Effect

How to Easily Add Selective Coloring Effect [+Video]

Here, we use PhotoScissors to selectively make a faded background. Once available only to Photoshop-savvy users, this effect is dramatically easy to apply now thanks to the program.

Replace Sky on Photo

How to Replace Sky in a Photo [+Video]

How to replace the sky on a photo without too much trouble and too complex software? The answer is PhotoScissors and this tutorial.

How to use an alpha mask

How to Use an Alpha Mask from PhotoScissors in Adobe Photoshop

In this article we explain how to create an alpha mask in PhotoScissors in a minute and import that mask to Photoshop for further editing or applying it to images. And it's easier than you think!

How to make negative background or foreground

How to Turn Background or Foreground to Negative

Here is how you can make the background of a photo negative using PhotoScissors. The same way you can turn foreground objects negative as well. The effect looks great and the process is exceedingly simple.

How to Pixelate Background or Foreground

How to Pixelate Background or Foreground

Pixelation is a very interesting effect. This tutorial explains how you can pixelate image backgrounds or foregrounds using PhotoScissors and suggests a number of possible uses for this cool effect.

PhotoScissors for iOS Tutorials:

How to Pixelate Background or Foreground

How to Remove Background with PhotoScissors for iOS

The easy way to remove background from a photo - a quick, easy and effective approach using PhotoScissors for iOS.