How to Delete Background Around Hair in 3 Simple Steps

Hair is one of those objects that are extremely hard to work with the others being fur and flames. If you attempt removing background around hair directly, let me assure you, the result won,t make you happy.

So, here is a simple way to change or replace the background when a person on the picture has got some great hairstyle.


First of all, download PhotoScissors here, and install the app as usual. Then, run the program and open the photograph you want to process. Now, watch:

Step 1: Specify background and foreground areas on the picture

Here is how you do this. Select the green marker on the left toolbar and roughly mark the areas of the image that correspond to foreground. In our case, this is the face of the model. Then, mark background areas of the picture the same way using the red marker. Again, we do not need much precision here. Here is what you should receive:

Mark background and foreground areas on the picture

The result is displayed in the right part of the window. Don't be scared of the jagged look of the hair, focus on the main object for now. We'll deal with the hair in a minute.

Step 2: Mark areas where hair is

The complexity of hair for image processing comes from the fact that hair is semi-transparent. So, a binary "yes or no" mask fails to produce a realistic cut out. We need to apply the transparent mask. To tell PhotoScissors where hair is, select the yellow marker and paint the corresponding areas. Like this:

Mark areas where hair is

As you can see, now the result is much better!

Step 3: Choose new background

Switch to the Background tab on the right toolbar.

Select "Solid Color" if you need some solid color background:

Set solid background

Or choose "Image" and open an image file you want to use as a background image for this picture:

Set image background


Easy, isn't it? Thanks to PhotoScissors removing background around hair is extremely simple, while the resulting image looks very professional.


Watch the software in action: How to Delete Background Around Hair in Literally Less Than Minute.