How to Easily Prepare Your Photo for Job Sites, Dating Sites and Other Online Forms

Good Portrait = Good Impression

When you register on particular websites such as job seeking resources, dating sites or other places where they want you to submit your photo, you quickly realize that a good looking appropriate portrait is a rare bird in your collection of photographs. Some are just not what you’d agree to submit on a serious website, others are spoiled with a ruined room or some undescribable chaos on the background.

However, the first impression is a key to getting a job offer or starting new relationships. So, how could you easily remove background from your portrait photo? PhotoScissors is a very simple way to do this even if you are in a rush!

Step 1: Load a Photo to PhotoScissors

Unlike "professional" software, PhotoScissors works literally like real-world scissors. First, you open a photo you want to cut out the background from.

Load the image to PhotoScissors.

Step 2: Mark the Background to Remove

PhotoScissors has two instruments: the red marker and the green marker. Use the red strokes to mark the background of the image you want to cut out. Use the green marker to identify the foreground, i.e. your portrait. Don’t forget about islands – zones of the background that are totally surrounded by the foreground picture, but still need to be cut out. Also note that you shouldn’t paint the entire area all over!

Mark foreground and background

Step 3: Specify the Selection

PhotoScissor uses your rough strokes to automatically determine and select background and foreground zones. While the algorithm is quite precise, you may need to refine the cutout area manually.

refine the cutout area
Mark foreground and background

Step 4: Instantly See Your Photo with the Background Magically Stripped.

As soon as you work with the green and red markers and click the Process button, the program immediately applies your selection to the picture and shows you the final result. You can repeat steps 2 and 3 until you end up with the perfect resulting photo!

Perfect portrair photo.